Imbibe Bottle House & Taproom

Imbibe Bottle House & Taproom will be the favorite, neighborhood bottle shop and taproom by offering craft, micro or artisanal brewed beers, wine, ciders and sakes from Washington State and beyond. Our central focus will always be on craft beer. We are all craft beer connoisseurs and will create more appreciation of craft beer through education, awareness and amazing customer service. With our principles grounded in the passion and love for quality beer, we take great pride in offering the highest quality products to our local community and supporting craft breweries. Customers and suppliers can expect the following: - A willingness to educate and expect better industry standards. - Superior service with a spirit and passion for great beer. - Connected on a personal level with our local communities. - An easygoing, unpretentious atmosphere. - An authentic culture with no claims of being anything we are not. - A never-ending drive to learn about the craft beer industry. We intend to create an upscale, comfortable environment that "imbibers" can appreciate when they are looking for a place to meet friends, business associates and unwind. The décor will include a chesterfield-type sofa and chairs lounge area, an open bar area and large televisions for important sporting events and news stories. We will not be a sports bar, tavern nor bar & grill but we can appreciate the average consumer’s desire to have something to eat with their beer or watch such events as the World Series. Our goal is to produce an atmosphere where men and women enjoy the entire experience; shopping, sipping and socializing. We truly aspire to be the community’s #1 rated location for craft beer.